3 Reasons To Move To Windows 10

  1. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection helps secure your valuable data from the ever-evolving threat vectors taking aim against your enterprise. Windows behavioral sensors, cloud-based security analytics, threat intelligence, and Microsoft’s intelligent security graph provide the underlying power behind the platform. The recent enhancements to Windows provide defenses against advanced malware through constant updates to address the latest threats and quickly detects and protect against emerging malware as well. Leveraging years of experience and threat analytics, this is supported through a highly scalable and geo-distributed backend service in the cloud, that always provide you the latest updates and protection.
  2. Windows Information Protection delivers user-friendly corporate and personal data segregation and containment, and ensures that only trusted applications can access business data. This service also transparently prevents accidental data leakage through copy and paste scenarios across all devices, not just those with specific software installed. This is very cool stuff! This addition is a significant value to any enterprise where data security is a concern. This feature is enabled through the Microsoft Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) to establish secure roaming and sharing of information, a capability available on mobile devices and desktops that are fully realized for the enterprise.
  3. Windows Hello and Hello for Business makes it easy to secure your identities across devices. Featuring a two-factor password alternative, this provides users options ranging from a simple PIN to a biometric sign-in while enabling a single sign-on experience for your users. These security features all have phishing-resistant credentials that make it hard for thievery to take place and for breaches to happen. Windows Hello and Hello for Business provide a great blend of convenience and enterprise-grade security for both enterprise and consumer identities.

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